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Elettrico is one of the leading LED strip light suppliers in Dubai. We supply a wide range of LED strips: flexible, whaterproof, tube and more for shops, buildings facades, commercial projects and residential homes; 12, 24 and 220 volts, front and side luminescence, different color light (white, red, RGB multi-color, etc.), different degrees of IP protection and power. We sell only certified products: there are technical passports and warranty from the LED strip light manufacturers.

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More than 1000 customers are ordering LED lighting from us because:

  ► We offer a reasonable pricesThe ideal price / quality ratio, as evidenced: warranty is provided.

  The volumes of our supplies can satisfy almost any request. From a small order to wholesaling.

  Every year we bring new products on the UAE market.

  Free delivery in Dubai. Are you in another city of the UAE? Contact us, we find a good offer for you!

  Elettrico warehouse is located in Dubai, the items is available to buy.

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Our company supplies LED strips on a flexible base. The lighting can have different brightness, colors (rgb) and angle of illumination. There is a system with controllers, that allow to achieve various lighting effects: flashing, running wave, color change.

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Why we recommend to buy LED strips:

  ► Economical. The luminous flux of modern LEDs exceeds 100 lumens per watt of power. This is ten times more than incandescent lamps, and one and a half times more than energy-saving lamps.

  Very long work time (not less than 30000 hours). This is very important when creating lighting design. No need to disassemble the design and change the bulbs for many years.

  ► Reliability. No connection between the number of on-off cycles and the occurrence of problems. No matter how much you click the switch, the quality and duration of the lighting will be constant.

  ► Healthy. Absence of toxic components in contrast to compact fluorescent lamps with their mercury vapor in the flask.

  Perfect for design. The tape can be given any shape that repeats the shape of the ceiling, decor or architecture. It can also be cut to the desired length, a multiple of 3 light bulbs (about 2.5 cm).

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